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Blatter’s memoir shows ‘deal’ for Qatar to secure World Cup bid



Sepp Blatter, the former president of FIFA, has released his memoir called My Truth. In this memoir, he has revealed how the former president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, had intervened on behalf of Qatar to ensure that the tiny nation secured its bid for the 2022 World Cup.

In a recent interview, Blatter had revealed the circumstances which had led him towards the controversial allocation of the World Cup bid to Qatar. In the interview, he also highlighted the important role placed by Sarkozy who was then the president of France back in December 2010.

According to Blatter, the role of World Cup host was supposed to be given to the United States. However, direct intervention by a political party ended up changing everything. Sarkozy had gone to Michel Platini and stated that he and his ‘henchmen’ should vote for Qatar. Blatter stated that the intervention by Sarkozy caused a series of reactions leading to the scandal which ultimately got the American justice system involved.

Blatter said that the recommendation of Sarkozy also signaled the start of his troubles. According to Blatter, any financial contracts that were signed thereafter are not the concern of FIFA. In the book, he goes on to detail what kinds of benefits France would have got by supporting Qatar.

In other words, Blatter has confirmed that a deal had certainly taken place. However, he has quashed the idea that it is possible to formally buy a World Cup. Nonetheless, Blatter recognizes the role that Qatar’s money had in financing a CAF event. It is believed that $2 million was allocated by Qatar for financing a meeting for the African Football Confederation.

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