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Britain’s PM to Meet and Ask Merkel and Macron for Postponement of Brexit



Britain’s PM to Meet and Ask Merkel and Macron for Postponement of Brexit

On Tuesday, Britain’s PM Theresa May would be travelling to meet French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel and request them for a short extension to Brexit, claiming that the discussions carried out with Labor have a good chance of reaching a deal. She even stated that her ministers carried out crisis discussions with the opposition in order to break the long impasse in London.

On Wednesday, the prime minister will be at an emergency summit when all EU states would be voting on an extension. She is looking forward to delaying Brexit till 30th June. On the other hand, British legislators would be holding a 90-minute discussion on her proposal to delay Britain’s EU departure date to June 30 from April 12.

Britain’s departure from the EU has already been deferred once but May wants yet more time as she pursues veteran socialist Jeremy Corbyn, whose opposition Labour Party wants to keep Britain more firmly tied to the bloc after Brexit.

Corbyn before the talks between his team and government ministers on Tuesday stated that the prime minister has not yet moved away from her limits in order to reach a compromise, On Monday, the debate has been pressed on the government by parliament passing a legislation, which will allow legislators the power to examine strictly and even make legally binding changes to May’s request to lengthen the Article 50 negotiating period again.

Over a week after Britain was at first supposed to have left the EU, the weakest British leader in a generation cautioned that Brexit might never happen as she fights to get a divorce deal approved by a thoroughly divided parliament.

May requires Labor votes in parliament in order to get the deal approved. However, Labour’s claim consists of keeping Britain in a customs union with the EU, something which is hard to with May’s desire for Britain to have an independent trade policy.


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