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China and India Talk Over the CPEC for National Integrity



China and India Talk Over the CPEC for National Integrity

A discussion took place between China and India about the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Indian Government is really concerned with the fact that the economic corridor the CPEC passes through the some parts of Kashmir that is occupied by Pakistan.

The Multi-billion Project

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), China’s multi-billion dollar connectivity project has started a flagship venture named the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor or the CPEC. The project was initiated to create a connection between the bordering countries.

Communication is Necessary

Foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying showed concern about the problems that are showing up regarding the CPEC. A conversation took place concerning the border that connects the neighboring countries. China and India must communicate with each other regarding the problems. They must also look into the matter and come to solution to solve those troubles. There are many differences between the next-door countries but, the governments must see that these do not affect the national interests of them.

Economic Cooperation

It has been repeatedly said by the foreign ministry spokesperson that the CPEC which is the multi-billion dollar project of China is targeted towards the economic cooperation of the countries. It is not particularly aimed at any third party including India.

The CPEC Project

It was decided that the CPEC project will connect Kashgar situated in northwest side of China with Gwadar port situated at the southwest part of Pakistan. The two parts will be connected through a network of railway lines, fibre-optic cable, roads and oil and gas pipelines. The business firms of China are also planning to set up a number of projects along the entire route of the corridor. The projects will include manufacturing units and power plants. But India has raised its concerns a lot of times about setting up the projects in the areas of the corridor that pass through Pakistan.

Territorial Sovereignty

China addressed territorial sovereignty can solve the problems that are the main concerns of India. The spokesperson said that both the countries must respect and have sincerity towards them to come to a proper solution. The differences between the countries should also e managed by the mutual understanding of both the countries.

Kashmir Issue

According to Beijing the Kashmir issue is between India and Pakistan. China’s business project, the Belt and Road Initiative or the BRI will not affect the current position of China in this matter.

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