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Mexico – migrant reduction measures to be reviewed in 45 days



Marcelo Ebrard, Mexican Foreign Minister has stated that the measures agreed with the US on the migration flow should be reviewed after 45 days.

He added that if the flow will reduce this would show that Mexico has taken actions on the matter that are actually working out.

This news arrives after the US-Mexico deal to avert tariffs on Friday, where Mexico agreed to rectify an asylum program and deply forces to curb illegal immigration from Central America.

Ebrard said that there was no specific migration reduction target adding that the US government wanted Mexico to accept a ‘safe third country’ agreement on migration but Mexico rejected this demand.The US government wanted to take to ‘zero’ the number of migrants and would likely repeat its ‘safe third country’ demand if Mexico was not able to cut down the number of people crossing the border.

However, the two countries have agreed to keep the talks in place for new measures to address the crisis, and a new announcement would me made in 90 days.


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