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Under Pressure Britain’s PM Struggles to Gain Support for Brexit Deal



On Sunday (17th March) Britain’s Prime Minister May’s government was struggling to get support in parliament for her Brexit deal for the third time of asking, in order to convince doubters with warnings and promises to avert any action to remove her.

After parliament supported a move to postpone Brexit, May still has only three days left to win consent for her Brexit deal to leave the European Union if she wants to go on Thursday to a summit with the bloc’s leaders with something to offer them against more time.

Increasing the pressure on the prime minister, Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the main opposition Labour Party, stated he could provoke another confidence vote in May’s government if she is not successful again to get her deal accepted by parliament.

It has been three years since Britain voted to leave the EU in a poll, the nation is not clearly stating about how and when it would be leaving the bloc, with several consequences possible, from leaving without a deal to Brexit never occurring at all.

May’s caution that if parliament again turns down her deal — which has already been rejected twice by legislators, then Britain could face a long delay and might need to take part in European elections in May. However, her finance minister, Philip Hammond, stated that May was not guilty yet.

Many Brexit supporters within May’s Conservative Party stated the key to whether they will back May’s deal is the pact of the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), which holds up the prime minister’s minority government in parliament.

May requires 75 legislators to change their vote after it was defeated for the first time in January by 230 legislators and then by 149 on 12th March. The DUP’s 10 legislators could rock a large segment of a pro-Brexit Conservative grouping, several legislators feel, but still, she would need to get the support of some Labour lawmakers as well.

Hammond stated discussions were ongoing with the DUP to find ways of encouraging the party that any won’t indicate that Northern Ireland might be divided away from the rest of Britain.


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