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Qatar has ‘different assessment’ on Iran threat



Qatar foreign minister said that his country has its ‘own assessment’ different from the US on Iran.
This comment will probably upset Trump administration which has increased its military stance in the region.

Qatar has increasingly become closer to Iran despite hosting the biggest US military base in the Middle East region and Washington considers Iran as a state that sponsors terror groups.

Donald Trump has increased sanctions on Iran with dawing the 2015 nuclear agreement done by the Obama administration.

Qatari Foreign Ministry Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul rahman Al-Thani in London said that respected US policy on Iran but ‘We have our own assessment’ adding ‘There is a big pressure on Iran’s economy, but Iran lived under sanctions for 40 years.

It’s never been like this but they survived. We don’t see the repetition of the same way will create a different result. They don’t want to have a continuation of the sanctions at the same level and enter negotiations. They believe there was an agreement and US was part of the agreement’

Qatar and other countries have been trying to ease the tensions between US and Iran, urging both sides to find a compromise, however its close ties with Iran, along with its support to extremist groups, is one of the main reasons Saudi Arabia, UAE and other Arab countries cut ties with Doha.

Also, US blames Iran for the attack on the four oil tankers and the Saudi ships off the UAE’s coastline.
Sheikh Mohammed also spoke on Trump’s Middle East peace deal: ‘It cannot be a solution like, sort of, imposed on the Palestinians – no country in the Arab world can accept that’.


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