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Qatar Is Supporting to Houthi Rebels in Yemen to further Iranian aims



Qatar Is Supporting to Houthi Rebels in Yemen to further Iranian aims

The Southern Transitional Council of Yemen has accused the government of Qatar of providing support to the Houthis in their endeavor to destabilize the region. The council, based in Aden, is fighting the rebels alongside the Yemeni government forces. While the rebels are backed by Iran, the government forces are supported by the Arab Coalition. The council has also stated that Qatar has been making financial contributions to the Houthi rebels.

According to a spokesman for the Southern Transitional Council, Qatar’s role has been extremely negative as it has been trying to destabilize the Yemeni situation by giving the Houthis, among other terrorist outfits, the support they require to keep serving the Iranian agenda. Of course, the agenda of Iran is to bring about the destabilization of the Arab World.

The government of Qatar has been providing financial contributions to the Houthis to enable them to purchase additional weapons. Additionally, Qatar uses its Al Jazeera news network to promote the Houthis and Muslim Brotherhood, giving them useful media support.

These are by no means new allegations as several have called out the deceitful practices of the Qatari government previously for months and even years. According to some, it is the support provided by Qatar that has enabled the Houthis to keep fighting this long. Without the backing of Qatar, it would have been possible to eliminate the Houthis and the threat they pose to the stability of the entire Middle East a long time ago. Instead, Qatar provided Houthis support as they were nearing the end. This ended up dragging out the war in Yemen which is still going on.

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