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Trump teases extra deal that Mexican Foreign Secretary implies doesn’t exist



President Donald Trump on Monday afternoon persisted to tease an unannounced agreement between the US and Mexico , despite the Mexican Foreign Minister’s declaration that there was clearly no secret or outstanding deal between the 2 nations.

“We have an agreement on something that they will announce very soon. It’s all done. They have to get approval,” Trump told reporters Monday at the White House, noting that the approval would come from Mexico’s legislative body.

“They will get approval. If they don’t get approval, we’ll have to think in terms of tariffs,” he said.

Hours earlier, the President had tweeted, “We have fully signed and documented another very important part of the Immigration and Security deal with Mexico, one that the U.S. has been asking about getting for many years.”

“Everything I’ve been talking about was known since Friday.”

“Aside from what I’ve explained there is no agreement of any kind, that has been made known,” he told reporters in Mexico City.

Asked about the existence of another agreement, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was ambiguous.

“As for other agreements, there were a number of commitments made. I can’t go into them in detail here, but each side was committed to a set of outcomes,”


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