Indian PM Claimed that the Foreign Policy of the Country Does Not Orbit Around Pakistan

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Indian PM Claimed that the Foreign Policy of the Country Does Not Orbit Around Pakistan

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India has stated that the country was not working to isolate any nation and also claimed that the foreign policy of the nation did not revolve around Pakistan.

What did Modi Say?

Modi had stated that the remark that India’s foreign policy was revolving around Pakistan was an incorrect statement. He clarified the statement claiming that the foreign policy of the nation was based on India’ context and the relation it shares with the world. He made it clear that India’s foreign policy is not focused around one nation because it would be incorrect.

What Did Modi Say About Fighting Terrorism?

The entire world is uniting in order to fight terrorism and the Indian Prime Minister had stated that he appreciated and welcomed the initiative and claimed that it was necessary to fight terrorism in order to save humanity.

What is the Present Scenario?

Pakistan had been receiving pressure from the United States and India in order to curb terrorism. Former U.S. President Washington had accused Pakistan for being the safe haven for the terrorists.

What was the Hafiz Saeed Issue?

The Pakistan government was asked to prosecute Hafiz Saeed by the governments of India and the United States. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs had claimed that an individual had been accused of being a global terrorist only on the basis of the evidence which is available in the public domain. The spokesperson of the Ministry had also added that the Pakistan needed to realize what is awaiting them and they need to take the necessary steps. Pakistan had been invited by the Indian Prime Minister in order to fight poverty and diseases together.

What Was the Issue About India-held Kashmir?

Narendra Modi was asked about the growing terror in India-held Kashmir as well as the appointment of someone who could be an interlocutor. He had stated that dialogue was taking place with all the citizens of India and it would continue in the future as well. He also claimed that the Indian government would support the people who believe in the constitution of the country.

Who Has Been Appointed as the Interlocutor?

In order to enhance the Kashmir policy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had decided to select an interlocutor in the India-held Kashmir region. Dineshwar Sharma, the former intelligence chief had been appointed as the interlocutor of the region. He was given complete freedom in order to initiate dialogue and understand the aspirations of the people who are residing in Jammu and Kashmir.

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