Asia Reacts to the Meeting of Kim and Trump

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The historical meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and American President Donald Trump had taken place on Tuesday. At present the question remains for the allies of America in the east as to what the budding relationship of Trump and Kim would mean to the Asian region. The two men had signed an agreement to work together in order to develop lasting and stable peace on the Korean peninsula. The two nations had also agreed to work towards the complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

Trump had clarified the specifics of the agreement and he had also revealed details which have appeared to upend decades of America’s policies in Asia. Trump had provided a vision of the Asian geopolitical landscape and had mentioned that it included reduced presence of US military. Trump had also agreed to end joint US-South Korean military exercises and withdraw the US troops from the Korean peninsula.

Trump mentioned that he wanted to get his soldiers out and bring them back home. He also mentioned that it was not a part of the equation at present but he hoped that it would be done eventually. Trump also stated that he had planned to halt the war games on the Korean peninsula and stated that the decision had been taken to save money.

The regional powers have shown their support regarding the talk after the tensions of nuclear war. South Korean leader Moon Jae-in also had been quite involved in the summit and he claimed that he did not sleep a wink before the summit took place. Moon stated that 70 years of hostility had created a dark shadow and hence it was quite difficult to believe that the historical summit was actually taking place. He states that it would be a new beginning, overlooking all the hostilities which happened in the past.

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