Qatar’s Efforts for Influencing the US Are Collapsing

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Qatar’s Efforts for Influencing the US Are Collapsing

Qatar has been trying for a long time to improve its perception in the Western media, especially in the US. For this, they have sought to hire specialists inside the United States to promote Qatar. However, their plans are unraveling quickly.
Nick Muzin had been hired by Qatar for improving the ties between the nation and USA. However, he has recently decided to end this association. Muzin used to be a senior staffer for Ted Cruz and Tim Scott, both Republican Senators, apart from being a political strategist. Muzin will no longer be working for Qatar, having represented Qatar for 9 months. Suffice to say, Muzin failed in most of his attempts to bridge ties. After all, Qatar is an extremely controversial nation, if not dangerous.

At the same time, a lawsuit has been launched against Qatar for hacking emails. Elliott Broidy, a critic of Qatar and businessman, has stated a case against Qatar stating that it used hackers to gain access and obtain unlawfully his emails. As per the lawsuit, Muzin may have had knowledge of the hack due to his association with Qatar.
Joey Allaham, who is a businessman and former kosher restaurateur, had previously helped in connecting Muzin to his future Qatari clients. Allaham has been served a subpoena regarding the above lawsuit and had to comply with it within 72 hours by the court. He later claimed that he was decisively breaking off all ties with Qatar.
This, of course, is not the only lawsuit against Qatar recently. Rapper and actor Ice Cube has also launched a case against Qatar with various allegations. As per that lawsuit, Qatar may have been using Ice Cube’s new basketball tournament to further its own agenda by means of proxies. Qatari investors had invested in the tournament but it seems that they were simply looking for a way to influence Americans. Moreover, those investors failed to keep the terms of the agreement and pay the money they were supposed to as investors.
This just goes on to show the lengths Qatar is willing to go in order to hide its own atrocities and crimes while trying to influence foreign countries.
However, this is not all. Recently, the Qatari media channel, Al Jazeera, showcased a documentary about the infamous Osama bin Laden. More shockingly, the documentary showcased the terrorist leader in a positive light and hero. This documentary has shocked Americans. After all, they had suffered gravely because of the al Qaeda leader who masterminded the horrific September 11 attacks. The documentary is an example of how Qatar is actually a supporter of terrorism despite what they may say.
For Qatar to try and win over the USA while supporting such horrendous acts is not only shocking but also disgusting.

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