Italy Receives No Advantage from Being in EU Feels Half of Italians

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Almost half of Italy believes that the country is receiving no benefits from being a member of the European Union. Germany’s new Foreign Minister had made this shocking claim. A few weeks after the new Eurosceptic government had taken up office, there are fears that Italy might follow Britain’s footsteps and step out of the bloc amid the increasing resentment towards Brussels.

Heiko Maas feels that the European Union needs to do something new in order to assure the disillusioned citizens and stop the ever-increasing euroscepticism which is haunting the bloc. He had stated that it is alarming that Italy feels that the country receives no benefit from the EU. Italy has been one of the strongest pillars of Europe and is one of the closest partners. In order to legitimize expectations of the people if the South to achieve solidarity, Europe needs to find a convincing answer is the opinion of Maas.

Maas mentioned that the right response to Trump’s America First should be Europe United and he had told the students that there is need for a balanced partnership with the United States. It is very important that the Europeans act as a conscious underweight whenever the United States puts its steps out of line. Maas claimed that the anti-EU politics across the block had increased at an alarming rate and he spent quite some time in developing the groundwork for enhanced European cooperation which would be necessary in the new era.

Maas felt that there was need to plaster over the European divisions and work towards the development of a fortified and unified European state. Maas stated that the European member states felt alienated by the fact that refugees were imposed on them.

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