Germany, Austria Start Talks with Italy to Close Southern Migrant Route to Europe

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On 5th July, Germany, Austria, and Italy issued a joint statement that they would be holding talks next week. The talks would be focused on the issue of closing down the Mediterranean route which is taken by thousands of migrants, for migrating to Europe from Africa. Rome called this situation to be a dangerous one and needs to be looked over on an urgent basis.

The push came after German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed to build up migrant transit centers along the Germany’s border.

The center is meant to curb and regulate the migration of immigrants from the Middle East and Africa. It will depend on the cooperation of other nations who are a part of the European Union. As the nations are averse to the huge migration to their soil, they are looking for a cross-border solution.

The migration crisis reached its peak during 2015, when over one million people migrated. Even if the annual arrival rate dropped, the EU members have argued over how the burden of immigrants can be shared.

The migrant centers along the shared boundaries with Austria would send back migrants to their home country, if they had already registered their name in the EU. This policy introduced by Germany increased Austria’s concern. Stricter controls placed by Germany can increase the number of migrants on the Austrian soil. The ruling coalition of Austria is strongly denouncing the idea of having more immigrants on their soil.

Hence, the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz feels that both Germany and Austria should sit down with Italy and come up with a solution. Italy, being the EU entry point for many immigrants needs to be shut down. Once the Mediterranean route to enter Europe gets cut off, illegal immigration would come to an end.

However, the Italian Interior Minister is looking forward to strike a deal with Germany; before the meeting with the interior ministers of Germany, Austria, and Italy takes place in Innsbruck, Austria. The countries are hopeful that during the meeting they would be able to reach an amicable solution.

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