World Cup Workers in Qatar Experience Life-Threatening Heat

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World Cup Workers in Qatar Experience Life-Threatening Heat

Qatar is currently preparing for the 2022 World Cup with massive construction projects. However, the migrant workers at those construction sites including the stadiums are experiencing incredible levels of heat which are potentially a threat to their lives. This was revealed in a new research that was conducted on the extreme conditions of summer in Qatar.

Human Rights Watch, the human rights campaign organization, has stated that hundreds of migrant workers are dying each year in Qatar. They have also claimed that the authorities in Qatar are refusing to make the necessary details publically available. At the same time, Qatari authorizes are not investigating these deaths adequately. It is believed that these deaths might be linked to working in the harsh climate of the country.

As such, Human Rights Watch believes that the lives of the millions of migrant workers in the country are at risk. Qatar does impose work breaks legally during the midday hours of the summer. However, HRW says that these statutory limits do not provide enough protection.

HRW also mentions that Qatar does not describe the deaths taking place in the proper manner. Using descriptors like cardiac arrest only end up obscuring the actual reason for the deaths, making it impossible to find out if working conditions are responsible. Human Rights Watch has accused the government of Qatar of willfully ignoring its responsibility for the safety and health of the workers.

Over 2 million migrant workers perform the majority of the manual work in this country. Around 800,000 migrants from poor countries in South Asia are involved in the massive construction projects in the nation. Out of them, tens of thousands are involved in the construction of the stadiums for the 2022 World Cup.

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