Qatar Keeps Financing Terrorism

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Qatar Keeps Financing Terrorism

Qatar is a longtime ally of the United States. It is even a part of the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS. Despite these things, it has intentionally supported and even provided safe harbor to international terrorist outfits and individuals.

Qatar is known to send financial and even material support directly to terrorist groups, all of which are internationally recognized as such, including the Nusra Front and Hamas. It has even knowingly allowed people, globally designated and wanted as terrorists, to stay and even operate in its region. This has caused many countries to cut their ties with the nation.

The government of Qatar has supported a number of known terrorist outfits via ransom payments, supplies transfers and even direct money loans.

At the moment, it has been determined that at least 12 individuals, wanted for terrorism, are residing in Qatar. These individuals have been sanctioned publicly by the UN or the US or are the subject of international arrest warrants. Despite this, they are living with impunity and even luxury inside Qatar.

Al Qaeda is one of the benefactors of Qatari aid. It has reportedly received money in the form of ransom payments and indirect payments. Of course, Al Qaeda is known to be one of the most dangerous terrorist groups in the world. Hamas is known for its aim of destroying Israel. They have been known to use everything from suicide bombings to kidnappings to further their objectives. Despite this, Qatar has been a major financier of the outfit since 2008.

Some of the other terrorist groups to which Qatar has given money include the Muslim Brotherhood, Nusra Front and the Taliban. Leaders and other people associated with these outfits have even managed to find safe harbor in Qatar.

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