Qatar Is Getting the License to Violate US Sanctions

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Mauritania is a beneficiary of US aid towards security efforts and counterterrorism. Similarly, Bangladesh, regardless of the reduction in financial aid under the Trump administration is still getting huge aid for military training, security or counterterrorism and for education factors.

However, both these countries have an appalling record of human rights. Mauritania is still struggling with slavery and is addressing the abolitionists as a security risk. On the other hand, the Prime
Minister of Bangladesh has been overlooking the incident of the expulsion of Hindus and other minorities. She has even confined her opposition leader.
In the Middle East, Qatar houses US bases and has currently committed as a mediator during the Gaza ceasefire arbitration with the Hamas and Israel. It has also opened its trade plan with Iran. Last year, the trading
amount between the two countries reached $320 million. It even signed a trade deal and Iraq is looking to improve its trade relation with Qatar to $1 million. However, the deal openly violates the recently
imposed US sanctions. Even businesses that would be trading with Iraq might face further sanctions.
After the enforcement of sanctions, Qatar has vowed to invest $15 billion into Turkey’s economy. It has also agreed to increase the maritime shipping and trade with the Islamic Republic. Goods worth of $48
million has been already exported to Qatar from Iran.
Qatar has also enhanced its trade with Turkey and Pakistan. Recently, Trump administration suspended the military aid of Pakistan.
Many people might think how Qatar is getting the license to defy the sanctions even after growing its friendly association with the Trump administration.

< The intrusive lobbying strategy, such as the elegant DC dinners in honor of the visit made by foreign ministers might be one reason.
< Also, normal rules of business are not applicable for Qatar. If Qatar is asked to choose between Iran and the US; moving away from Tehran might help them as it would eliminate the blockade of Qatar by
its rivals. However, Qatar is now using the blockade as an excuse to carry out business with Iran.
< Iran might become financially dependent on Qatar largely. Doha’s influence might get increased with growing trade and lead to the supremacy of the ATQ.
< Qatar having the rich source of gas won’t have to struggle hard even if they don’t get the support of Qatar.
< Qatar’s threat from Iran has always been a myth. Its coastal security ties have been enhanced already.
< Qatar is going to host both the military bases of the US and Turkey.
< In spite of theological or political differences, the rebellious zeal of the two organizations i.e. Iranian Khomeinists and the Muslim Brotherhood have found common cause to oppose the US, Israel and some
majority Muslim monarchies and republic.
< Qatar helped Iran to get international legitimacy.
Till the US gives the allies of Qatar to show their back to them, steps to stop extremist ideologies or counter terrorism would remain useless.

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