Qatar’s Support for Hamas Should Not Be Whitewashed

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Qatar has ties to several terrorist groups which it tries to hide. One of them happens to be Hamas, the extremist outfit that is in control of the Gaza strip. Hamas uses violence and other terrorist acts in order to retain control of the region while terrorizing Israel. Despite this, Qatar chooses to keep supporting Hamas, apparently because it wants to help the people of Gaza.

However, the fact is that Qatar does not care at all about the Gazans. Instead, it is supporting Hamas only because of its own horrific agenda. Qatar wanted the loyalty of Hamas and it is trying to do so in the only way it knows how. Qatar is providing money to Hamas in the hopes that it will be enough to make them loyal.

Qatar is actually willing to stop its support for Hamas. However, that is only because Qatar wants to win the approval of the United States.

However, the United States should not be quick to accept this specific image of Qatar. After all, Qatar has been spending millions in order to whitewash its image. For years, Qatar has been supporting terrorism and extremism and it is continuing to do so even today. Be that as it may, Qatar needs the approval of the United States since its neighbors have decided to stop all links with the nation.

As a result, Qatar has started to spend a lot of money in trying to win over influence in Washington. Such attempts to whitewash must not be ignored. Qatar needs to be held accountable.

The United States Congress certainly accepts these facts. As a result, many of its members are asking the United States to start taking a hardline approach with Qatar. The US should hold Qatar accountable for its ties to terrorism.

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