Qatar Is Undermining International Law

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F.C. When--a--Country--Undermines--The--International--Laws

It has not been long since Qatar hosted the leaders of the infamous extremist group, the Muslim Brotherhood. This group has been categorized as a terrorist outfit in a number of nations including Russia and
Saudi Arabia. Recently, even the UK government has classified the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group and their activity banned.

Due to its support for the Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar has ended up violating a vital convention under the UN Counter-Terrorism Strategy. According to this strategy, terrorist practices, methods, and acts,
irrespective of their forms are activities that undermine fundamental freedoms, human rights, and democracy. They also threaten the security of nations and destabilize legitimate governments. As such, the international
community needs to take the necessary steps to improve cooperation to stop terrorism.
Be that as it may, Qatar is continuing to support the ideas of the Muslim Brotherhood and other terror groups. Qatar is even using its media networks such as Al Jazeera to distribute those ideas. Qatar also maintains
close ties with other terror groups including Taliban and Al Qaeda. It is also supporting the Houthi rebels that are battling the Yemeni government forces.
Qatar has been condemned for supporting terror groups. However, it has not conducted any proper investigation into this matter. It has not even investigated the evidence provided by the Gulf countries.
Instead, it chose to use its media networks like Al Jazeera to incite political violence and false information against those countries.
The fact is that Qatar has contributed greatly to the creation of extremism. It has led to the spread of terror groups such as the Al Nusra Front and Daesh. They, in turn, have influenced the youth in many unstable regions such as Syria and Libya to join these extremist outfits. This has led to Europe and the US being threatened with violence.

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