What is Qatar looking for in the UN General Assembly?

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What is Qatar looking for in the UN General Assembly?

New York is ready to host the 2018 session United Nations General Assembly. One of the characteristics of the 2017 session that is certain to return is going to be intense lobbying by Qatar. Qatar will be lobbying once again over the decision taken by a few nations to boycott it due to its support for extremism and terrorism on a global scale.

Since that boycott, the expenditure of Qatar in lobbying has increased several fold, especially in the United States. In fact, back in 2017, Qatar spent $16.3 million on lobbying efforts in the US. It is certain to spend a lot more this year.
Among their US lobbying efforts, there was even an attempt to attract and win over influential people close to Donald Trump, the President of the US. This attempt ended up reaching to around 250 personalities close to Trump. Qatar seemed to have chosen those who could influence the President. Among those targets were Mike Huckabee, the host of Fox News, and Alan Dershowitz, a frequent contributor to Fox News.
Since the boycott is not going to end any time soon, Qatar is certain to intensify its efforts in lobbying the various influential people of the US.
In New York, billboards have started to appear targeting the Gulf countries that are opposed to Qatar’s agenda. While the group behind these billboards claim to be independent, the content of those ads suggest that they are being paid and run by Qatar. These kinds of public relations campaigns have become a trademark of Qatar. What is worrying is that the group has not been registered in the US under
the Foreign Agents Registration Act.
Instead of actually doing something about its support for terrorism, Qatar believes that PR is the only way it can save itself.

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