How Qatar Uses Charity to Cover Its Support for Terrorism?

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How Qatar Uses Charity to Cover Its Support for Terrorism

Qatar has a known record of supporting terrorism. In order to do so, Qatar has made use of charities and NGOs to hide the money and support it is giving to terror groups.
A terrorist from Qatar, al-Subai’i, has led in providing monetary support to various senior leaders in the Islamic Army and al Qaeda. He had even helped Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, a known senior leader in Al Qaeda, before his arrest back in March 2003. After that, he began to deliver financial support to different senior leaders of Al Qaeda in South Asia. He even worked with senior facilitators for transferring extremist recruits to different training camps around South Asia. He even helped in securing funds for those apart from serving as a liaison and envoy between Al Qaeda and its branches.

Then there are the accusations against Abdul Qarim al-Thani who is a member of the ruling family of Qatar. Abdul Qarim is known to have associated with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi who had founded al Qaeda in Iraq. He also got passports for many of the fugitives of the organization. Abdul Qarim had even deposited a sum of a million dollars which was meant to finance the Al Qaeda activities in Iraq.
Qatar has been using non-governmental organizations to disguise its movements and support for terrorism. Various charities based in Qatar have been accused of funding terrorism by using charity as a cover. They have been known to finance different terrorist organizations in Yemen, Libya, and Syria.
Qatar has managed to create a number of charities which have been using charitable work to hide their suspicious aims in various countries and regions. It seems that Qatar is determined to convert charity into the terrorist support that can destabilize the target countries. That is certainly happening with the conflicts and wars in Libya, Syria, and Yemen.

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