Current Situation in Malaysia; Knowing Azmin and Raffizi

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Previously when general elections were conducted in order to ascertain who would be winning power, hundreds of foreign media delegations would assemble in and outside Kuala Lumpur. Starting from the most popular Western newspapers and televisions stations came to Malaysia. However, the current situation is not the same one as it used to be before.
However, going by the fact that the upcoming election might hold a huge significance for Malaysia’s political future on a long-term basis, it might gain the attention of the media. If you are interested to learn about the candidates who would be fighting the Malaysian general election, go through the rest of the blog.

Mohammed Azmin Ali, Minister of Economic Affairs would be contending in the general election. The policies which Azmin introduced helped to boost the economy of Malaysia and also of Asia. He is looking forward to strengthening the relationship between Asia, America, and Europe. Azmin is not only popular among the people but also among his group. His social, political, as well as sports history makes him very close to the people of Malaysia.
Another candidate for the post of a general election is Raffizi Ramley. He is trying to use his money and public relation companies in order to contend the election. He was involved in a scandal and was sent to prison. After returning back from prison he strengthened himself by making many promises to the accomplices of the party. He even went against the current President Anwar Ibrahim.
For the Port Dickson elections, seven candidates would be contending for the seats. They would be fighting for the post of representative of the governor of the parliament. The prominent candidates being Anwar Ibrahim, PKR head; independent candidates of the Bas Party Islamic; and the independent candidate like Mohammed Isa Abdul Samad.

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