Malaysian Independent Candidate Saiful States That His Accusations Are Correct

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Saiful Bukhari Azlan, who is an independent candidate and contending for the Port Dickson by-election, alleged his former boss, Anwar Ibrahim of sodomy. Although, previously he claimed that he won’t be picking up the issue of sodomy accusation against Anwar during the ongoing campaign for Port Dickson by-election. However, he was forced to bring the topic in order to back his claim.

Saiful while addressing to the residents in Kampung Teluk Pelanduk, stated that he had vowed three times in order to uphold his allegation against Anwar. Anwar is a PKR President-elect and is also contending for the Port Dickson seat.

Saiful added that he has reported to the police and have sworn three times in the court and also in the Federal Territory Mosque in Mecca. However, Anwar didn’t swear. He gave this statement while answering the questions made by the audiences.

Speaking on the royal pardon earned by Anwar Ibrahim, Saiful stated that only sinners would ask for forgiveness. He added that in order to attain political goals, Anwar had cheated millions of people. As Anwar can become the PM for the longest period and which can affect the nation; hence, it is his duty to prevent someone meddling with power. For Saiful, Anwar is a hypocrite and his followers are in grave danger. Hence, he feels that Anwar shouldn’t win the October 13th election. If he wins then Anwar would be a part of the government and would fight for the seat of the Prime Minister.

Saiful further added that he wants to contend in the Port Dickson election in order to ensure a healthy democracy.

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