Zuraida Alleges PKR Polling Chief Bandar Tun Razak Having Links with Rafizi

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PKR Wanita chief Zuraida Kamaruddin today blamed the chief supervisor of the Bandar Tun Razak polling centre of partisanship, a day after the neutrality of the polling officers for the PKR polls was questioned. She stated that so far the results of Bandar Tun Razak have been uneven. She alleged that the chief supervisor’s partiality was evident from a recent Facebook post where the supervisor urged the voters to show their support to Rafizi Ramli for his race for the deputy presidency against current Mohamed Azmin Ali.

Zuraida stated that the chief of Bandar Tun Razak PKR division had brought up the issues of out the alleged partiality against him by the chief supervisor. In response to the allegation, the supervisor reportedly informed him that under such circumstances all polling centers in the nation needs to be closed.
Zuraida considered this attitude to be an arrogant one. Supporters of Azmin of Baandar Tuk Razak division found huge irregularity when the division chief of Baandar Tuk Razak declared that Rafizi secured 500 votes and Azmin secured 500 votes.
Zuraida stated that they are planning to meet the PKR central election committee on 10th October in order shed light on this matter. The issue needs to be addressed just ahead of the upcoming election in Selangor this weekend, with nine divisions yet to vote. Zuraida informed that in order to make the results annulled, a strong case needs to be build up.
She even chastised Rafizi for declaring his victory over Azmin depending on informal results from the federal territories election. She feels that with eight states waiting to vote, the game can change any time. In case, the last vote count is annulled, Azmin would be leading the election.
Zuraida is also contending for the post of the vice-presidency. Her team, is closely connected to Azmin, is involved in a violent competition with Rafizi’s camp for securing the top position within the party.

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