Why Anwar Ibrahim Should Not Become the Malaysian Prime Minister

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Why Anwar Ibrahim Should Not Become the Malaysian Prime Minister

Anwar Ibrahim is currently contesting polls in Malaysia. However, he is being considered by many to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. However, there are also many who believe that it would be extremely bad for the country if he does get that position. Malaysia requires a leader with integrity and a strong character to help it thrive. Anwar is incapable of doing so. After all, his entire political career has been marked with scandals and other issues that show how unsuitable he is as a leader of a nation.

The biggest reason why Anwar must not become the prime minister is the sheer number of scandals he has been involved in.
One of the first scandals he was involved in was about his wife. Instead of marrying her in the traditional way, he chose to run away with her to Thailand and elope with her. This shows how little he cares about the culture of his nation.
Despite being married, Anwar even got into a sex scandal involving the wife of another man. He had an affair with the wife of his personal secretary and even had an illegitimate child with her.
Anwar has also been involved in a number of sodomy scandals. He has been known to have sodomized his driver. He was also participating in sodomy while he was still a student.
Additionally, Anwar has several characteristics which are unsuitable for a nation’s leader. This includes his vindictive and quarrelsome nature.

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