Azmin Discloses That Putrajaya Would Be Selling Felda Assets To Reduce RM8 Billion Debt

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Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali asserted that an authoritative report would be submitted during the ongoing Parliament sitting in order to diminish the Federal Land Development Authority (Felda)
debt of RM8 billion.

Azmin reported that Putrajaya was facing a severe cash flow in Felda and looking for solutions in order to diminish the debt, which would include the appointment of a new management in July. During the question-and-answer session at Dewan Rakyat, he added that the ministry is also taking a look at action plans that would aid settlers. He came up with this statement in response to a question made by Hassan Abdul Karim who inquired whether the cash flow of Felda was nil and also the steps taken to protect the settlers.
Azmin stated that the government wishes to cut down 15% of the debt by the end of this year. He announced that Putrajaya was looking to sell non-strategic assets in Sabah, London, and Sarawak that costs
around RM2 billion.
Moreover, Tajuddin Abdul Rahman condemned poor management for Felda’s debt and requested the government to recruit an efficient one. In response to this allegation, Azmin stated that they have inherited the bad debt from the previous government. It earned him sharp criticism from Tajuddin as the latter declared that this kind of discussions during the Parliament session is unacceptable. It is also embarrassing for the Prime Minister.
Azmin stated that any feeble management should be removed from responsibility. Tajuddin urged the government to enforce new methods so that settlers can gain high revenue. In response, Azmin stated
training would be offered.

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