Pakistan’s PM Imran Pledge to Carry out Peace Talks with India

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Pakistan’s PM Imran Pledge to Carry out Peace Talks with India

On 23rd October, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan swears to hold peace talks with India after the elections get over. A similar offer made by Imran Khan was rejected earlier.
During a speech at a Saudi Arabian investment conference, Khan made this proclamation. At the conference, the leaders hurled a campaign aiming at potential investors as Pakistan tries to gain funds amidst a gaping balance of payment crisis.
While addressing the crowd at Future Investment Initiative (FII) in Riyadh, he stated that after coming to power the first thing that he tried to do was to offer a hand of peace to India; however, his proposal was rejected by Delhi. Now he would be waiting for the election to get over in India and he would contemplate on reviving the peace talks. Khan basically referred to the forthcoming nationwide voting scheduled to be held in mid-May in India.
In September India aborted the rare meeting of the foreign ministers of the two nations on the sidelines of a UN summit. Pakistan’s PM labeled this move as overweening and this unshackled a battery of insults from both ends.
For a long time, India has blamed Pakistan of supporting militants in Kashmir. Since 1947 independence both nations avouch to be having the sole right over the territory.
Khan’s request for peace dialogue comes at a point when his administration is dangerously looking funds from “friendly” nations, which includes Saudi Arabia, to bolster crumbling finances of Pakistan.
During his address at the FII, Khan asserted that Pakistan was also in talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) over a new bailout.
Since coming to power in August, Khan has also wanted loans from allies such as China and Saudi Arabia, guaranteed to retrieve funds stolen by corrupt officials, and commenced on a series of high-profile democratic austerity steps. However, it is not getting the help as expected.

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