Learn about the Battle for Authority in APECs Pacific Host

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Learn about the Battle for Authority in APECs Pacific Host

Workers are placing the final touches on a Beijing funded boulevard devised to exhibit Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) capital to the visiting leaders during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum that is slated to take place in the month of November.
Critics stated that that the six-lane road that consists of wide, lighted footpaths is symbolic of regional power play; whereas donor nations would be contending for authority with show-stopper gifts, although greater troubles afflicting the Pacific country.
Australia, the traditional partner of PNG and also a close ally to Washington, is raising aid and has invested more than A$120 million ($86.5 million) into APEC, looking forward to keeping its strong influence over its neighbor. Allan Bird, a parliamentarian and a governor of PNG’s second largest province stated that the roadway outside the parliament house had any functional benefits. He feels that the fund could have been used for some beneficial projects, such as building of schools or buying medicines. He added that there is no clarity on the usage of the public finances.
The PNG Government didn’t respond to any queries about the funding for the highway project or other facets of APEC. Previously, PNG appreciated China for infrastructure funding and aid and refused to accept Beijing had maintained diplomatic pressure.
A top diplomat of the Chinese government, State Councillor Wang Yi, stated that over the past few years, China had helped to set up more than 100 projects in PNG and other Pacific island countries. Even Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang stated people should be encouraging the PNG government’s attempts to advocate regional economic amalgamation by hosting the summit.
With Beijing increasingly becoming a greater player in the region, PNG has turned towards China. PNG holds the largest debt to China. Hence, with the arrival of the leaders for the forum, the contribution of the donors would become certain.
Previously, Australia declared that it was collaborating with PNG in order to come up with trade, tourism, and investment opportunities. However, Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Marise Payne refused to comment on Canberra’s sending aid for APEC.

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