The Khashoggi Case: Manipulated for Rumors and Conspiracies

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The Khashoggi Case Manipulated for Rumors and Conspiracies

As published in the Jewish Website, the rumors and conspiracies surrounding Jamal Khashoggi do not seem likely to end anytime soon. The outrage surrounding this case has possibly reached its peak with rumors claiming that the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will be replaced by the Saudi Royal Family.

This so-called scandal has already been on the airwaves for over a month and two things have become clear so far. The first one is that the Khashoggi case is being abused by the critics of the Saudi Crown Prince. His enemies are using his supposed vulnerability to achieve their own nefarious geopolitical agenda.
For example, the Russians are giving a platform to these rumors about how unpopular the Crown Prince is in his family. They are trying to showcase the prince as someone who is lonely, weak and helpless.
However, what is shocking is that even respected news outlets such as the Washington Post are publishing unsubstantiated allegations made by none other than Erdogan, the president of Turkey. Here, it is important to note that Turkey has one of the worst records of human rights and it tops the list when it comes to jailing journalists. At the same time, the Washington Post seems to be pretending to be concerned about human rights issues. After all, they have conveniently ignored a case about two sisters from Saudi Arabia who were found bound and dead in New York.
The press has also let Turkey drive them around the case. They follow the so-called leaks from Turkey without any care about actual justice or even truth. They forget that the Crown Prince was responsible for driving out extremist elements and is fighting against Iran, Turkey, and Qatar, the leading supporters of extremism and terrorism.

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