The United States Imposes Strongest Sanctions Ever On Iran

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The United States Imposes Strongest Sanctions Ever On Iran

On Monday, 5th of November 2018, the United States imposed a new round of sanctions on Iran. The Trump administration has called this round to be the biggest sanctions action that has ever been taken by the US against Iran. The President of Iran has termed the sanctions to be an act amounting to economic warfare.
The economic penalties imposed through these sanctions are incredibly severe. It is also the most vital part of the decision taken by President Donald Trump to leave the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran.
That agreement has been repeatedly stated by Trump to have been a disaster.
However, the penalties have included some large exceptions which may end up lessening the impact. One of those loopholes is that the biggest oil customers of Iran such as India and China are not going be penalized for 6 months at least. Despite this, the sanctions will have a major effect on the banking, shipping and oil industries. This may cause the already weakened Iranian currency to fall further. All of these are necessary to stop the unacceptable actions of Iran in the Middle East, according to Trump.
As the Iranian economy is already struggling, experts believe that the sanctions will result in more pain. Some believe that it can make things impossible in certain aspects for Iran.
What Trump wants from Iran is quite simple. The US President believes that the 2015 agreement was incapable of preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. He wants restrictions to be placed unless
Iran forgets its ballistic missile program. The US also wants Iran to stop providing support to militant groups in Yemen, Syria and other places. These groups are considered to be terrorist outfits by the US.

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