Reports Shows New Ties Qatar Muslim Brotherhood with Libyan Rebel Leader who backed ISIS

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Reports Shows New Ties Qatar Muslim Brotherhood with Libyan Rebel Leader who backed ISIS

As per latest investigation, it has been found that there was a close connection between the Qatari body, the Muslim Brotherhood and the murdered Libyan leader, Wissam bin Humaid.
Wissam a supporter of ISIS was killed during the combats for Benghazi where he was working as the senior leader of the city’s Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries. He issued threats against the Libyan government. The prayer meeting was also attended by some Qatari groups. In fact, for the funeral prayer, Imam Salem Jaber, a member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars in Qatar was also present. This group was labeled as a terrorist group by the UAE.

As per the latest report, Qatar along with Muslim Brotherhood is doubted to provide finance and arms to the Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries; whereas Turkey acts as a safe haven for the injured militia. In order to prove the involvement of Qatar in Libya, a seminar was held on the sidelines of the 39th session of the International Council for Human Rights in Geneva. The seminar was held on the issue of Qatar’s breaching of Libya’s sovereignty and Tawargha tragedy.
Large scale breach of human right violations, such as torture to murder and wrongful confinement was carried out on women, children, and the elders in Tawargha. The armed militia under the full support of Qatar performed these actions.
Said Abdel Hafez, Chairperson of the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue, spoke on behalf of Shabaan, on the rights of women in Qatar, Egypt, and Bahrain. He said that international community should come forward to prevent Qatar from interfering in Libyan matters.
It has been seen that the Qatar has been violating the sovereignty of Libya from long time. it was proved with Qatari flags flying in the rebel held Benghazi. In many instances, Qatar has supported the military groups of Libya.
According to an expert, Qatar have prevented Libya from functioning as a whole, instead the country has become a place with many divisions. The country has turned into debris. even some strategies that has been enforced by Qatar, it only supports those organization with whose help Qatar can meddle in Libyan affairs and ensures the division remains present within. It can be said that Qatar has turned Libya into a place for stationing and training terrorist; thereby threatening Egypt and southern Europe.

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