US Envoy Mentions Trump Is Putting Pressure on Iran’s Regional Activity

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US Envoy Mentions Trump Is Putting Pressure on Iran’s Regional Activity

On 7th November, US Envoy to Syria James Jeffrey stated that the administration of the US President Donald Trump is looking forward to put pressure on Iran financially and challenge the activities in Iraq, Yemen, and Syria.
James told reporters through a telephonic conference that Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal with other world powers from which Trump dropped out during the month of May had a bad impact on Iran’s behavior. It augmented the actions of Iran.
While debating about Iran’s future in Syria, Jeffrey states that Iranians forms the root of the problem and they are not the solution. He even added that the administration of Trump is nor emphasizing on placing financial pressure on Iran and also challenging the actions of Iran, especially in Iraq, Yemen, and Syria.
Jeffrey expressed worries over Russia’s shipment of high-end S-300 air defense systems to Russia; weeks following the incident if Russian plane being targeted by the Syrian forces in response to an Israeli air strike. This incident raises tensions among both sides. Hence, Jeffrey said that he is worried about Syria getting high-end system from Russia.
Jeffrey added that the recent withdrawal of the US-supported fighters in eastern Syria against the ISIS group trapped in a pocket near the Iraq border is being seen as a strategic change. He added that the ISIS is still getting all kind of reinforcements they need. While the ISIS carried out many counter offensives against the US backed Kurdish led Syrian Democratic Forces, as the latter was trying hard to take over the area from the rebels.
Jeffrey stated that if Washington or American officials stated that the US troops are going to stay in Syria, it means that they would stay till the ISIS is defeated. Even though the ISIS is defeated concerns still exists over the chances of the ISIS creeping into areas as a terrorist force inside Iraq or Syria.

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