Strong and Dangerous Alliance Forms between Qatar and Turkey

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Strong and Dangerous Alliance Forms between Qatar and Turkey

Ever since reports of Qatar’s links with Islamist terrorist group has evolved, tensions have started to evolve among many nations. Of late, the evolving friendship between Turkey and Qatar has become a thing of concern.
Every time the Emir of Qatar pays his visit to Turkey to meet President Erdogan, the topic of Muslim Brotherhood comes up among the two nations. It has been seen that the permanent aim of Qatar and Turkey is to support the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East.

It is apparent that Turkey wants to remain as a safe haven and adopt Muslim Brotherhood. It wants to use the terrorist organization as a threat to the Arab and Gulf region. Going by the events and backlash, it signals the role of a doubtful suspect preparing the stage for using the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology to gain power, to impose economic pressure and gain benefits.
Turkey wants to get liberated from the burden of economic crisis and from the isolation through which the nation is going through. However, the alliance between Turkish-Qatari has outpaced the issue of providing support and safeguarding the pro-Brotherhood Qatari regimen; instead, both are looking forward to spreading anarchy in the Gulf region.
Analysts are contemplating the invasion of the Muslim Brotherhood into the political scene is a result of the official steps taken by Turkey; the Muslim Brotherhood is taking advantage of the situation in order to heighten the situation. In the name of human rights, they are trying to put pressure.
The more Turkey takes the help of Muslim Brotherhood; it is going to get a greater level of support from Qatar and Qatari media. The content posted by the Qatari media aimed to back the Muslim Brotherhood.
The threat of Turkey in the Gulf region is slowly escalating and going by the dominance of the Muslim Brotherhood over Turkey’s rule. Turkey’s political elite group even accepted to use Istanbul as a base for political Islam and terrorist projects. The real threat lies in the fact that the Brotherhood cells in Turkey is being funded by Qatar and it is helping them to grow.

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