The Emir of Qatar’s Visit Leads to Protests in Rome

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The Emir of Qatar’s Visit Leads to Protests in Rome

On Sunday, 18th November, protestors accumulated in Rome in order to disapprove the visit of the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad. The protestors have charged the Emir of Qatar of upholding the extremists and terrorist groups in Libya.
With banners by their side, protestors chastised the policy of the country for backing extremism, terrorists, and also for arbitrating the internal affairs of the Arab countries and initiating dispute among the nations.

Speaking on the issue of Italy protesting and welcoming the Emir of Qatar in such a manner, a panel stated that it is not at all deserved. He remembered that Doha paid a huge amount which would come around 1 billion dollars to a terrorist group. He added that Doha paid this huge amount to the Iranian terrorist groups in Iraq for the release of the members of the ruling family in Qatar. The members were arrested during their fishing trip.
Based on some sources, the Qatari regime in assistance with the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Quds Force supposedly paid $1billion to Iranian terrorist groups in Iraq; moreover, for the dislocation of the population from Syrian cities to Iraq; as well as, to the Syrian regime and the Iranian militias.
Even the members of the Libyan community have been a part of the protest in order to chastise the policy of the nation for the terrorist group which has destroyed the nation completely.

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