The 3 Noteworthy power women of 2018!

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The 3 Noteworthy power women of 2018!

Women have long-ago proved that there is nothing they cannot achieve. This year few women from the field of politics and business have the tabloids featuring their name numerous times.

Hence, here’s providing the top 3 women who hold the post of most powerful global icons of 2018 –
1. Angela Merkel
The first lady Chancellor of Germany with a resolve of icy steel, Angela Merkel is a reputed name in the tabloid. Famous for steering Germany through a financial crisis, Merkel is also responsible for the surplus growth of Germany’s economy.
Further, she is the first chancellor who allowed million Syrian refugees to enter into Germany by standing up to Donald Trump.

2. Theresa May
The second in line to the world’s most powerful women icon is British Prime Minister Theresa May. Facing the opposition of numerous parties, May failed to lose her composure and took Britain out the European Union. Today thanks to here, Britain can indulge in free trade dealings both outside the EU and in borders of Ireland. Today, May continues to fight for Britain and strives to turn it into one of the major powers after the US.

3. Christine Lagarde
The third noteworthy name in the list of the most powerful female icon is Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund. The reason Lagarde is at the top is since 2011, she provided sound financial advice to more than 189 counties of the globe. This also includes superpower like Russia and China. Further, she took an active part in warning the global counties consequences of heavy tariff and how these would affect the global economy adversely.

On top of this, she even instructed Central Banks to adopt the use of digital currency to cope up with the digital economies.
So, with her sound guidance, numerous economies thrived and prevented themselves from excess finance depletion.
Thus, in the majorly male-dominated society, these women held their ground and have emerged as the most powerful women in the globe.

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