Relations with Qatar is Not a Profitable Endeavor for Italy

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Relations with Qatar is Not a Profitable Endeavor for Italy

Qatar is proving to be more of a nemesis for Italy than a friend. According to news sources, Qatar is presently backing the extremists of the Muslim Brotherhood who spread the negativities of Islam. This rebel group practicing jihadist terrorism can prove to be a thorn in Italy’s side to success.

Rome which is thriving on armed militia tied with the Muslim Brotherhood fails to recognize the real threat is the government itself. This ‘rogue’ group of Muslim Brotherhood backed by Qatar may attack Italy anytime and bring it to the path of devastation.
Italy should indeed learn from Libya who understood the real threat is the Muslim Brotherhood and prevented any negotiations with Qatar. Qatar on unjust reasons finances the Muslim Brotherhood by supporting their claims of an extremist Islam.
By financing them Qatar is helping these rebels buy more ammunition and opening chances for future terror attacks. Thus, any legitimate country associating with these rouges are labeled improper and deemed an accomplice.
So, Italy who is facing the current issues on jihadist terrorism, migrant emergencies along with energy supply issues should stop depending on Qatar as a reliable source of partner.

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