BBC Providing Platform to a Wrong Person

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BBC Providing Platform to a Wrong Person

Sulaiman Almazroui, Ambassador of the UAE have released a statement in which he pointed out that a BBC documentary would be made in support of the instigators who cajoled the daughter of Dubai Ruler, Sheikha Latifa out of Dubai. Mr Herve Jaubert and his accomplice cajoled Sheikha Latifa so that they could blackmail her father of a ransom of USD$100 million.

The documentary would be made in answer to the claims made by the Dubai Ruler and ther daughter. Sulaiman feels that if one takes a close look into the past history of the leader of the group, Mr Herve Jaubret, it can clearly signify that he is not a clean man.

Mr Jaubret has a criminal record for fraud. He was found guilty by a Florida court for violation of contract in respect of his previous action in the UAE. He has a deep-rooted grief against the UAE, which is evident from his book “Sex Misery of Muslims and Violence. Some his views are well-presented in his book.

He states that Islam is a cruel ideology and should be abolished from the West. Muslims who try to enter west should reject Islam. He even stated that peace with Muslims and Islam is not at all possible. He feels that so long Islam exists no one can live on peace. He even added that Muslims are perverts, male chauvinist, violent; he referred  Muslim refugees as ferocious packs of sexual neurotic Muslims. He stated that the prophet Mohammed meets the perfect definition of tyrant and psychopath.

Anwar Gargash, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, has also talked about Jaubret. He has noted that BBC should not be relying on his words.

In a statement from the Dubai Ruler’s Court, Sheikha Latifa mentioned that she is home safe and sound. However, she didn’t find the company of Mr Jaubert safer. Dubai Ruler’s Court in a statement pointed that the ongoing media opinion regarding Her Highness Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed al Maktoum has deeply saddened the family. It stated that Her Highness is safely back; however, she was exposed to exploitation by Mr Jaubert.

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