Former Anchor from Fox News, Heather Nauert to be the Next U.N Ambassador

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Former Anchor from Fox News, Heather Nauert to be the Next U.N Ambassador

According to news reports by a senior administration official from the White House, Heather Nauert the State Department spokeswoman and former Fox News host are speculated to be the next U.N Ambassador of the US.
Sources say, after the term ends for current U.N ambassador Nikki Haley, it’ll be Nauert who takes up the position. She had previously been working with Fox and ABC but was not reported having cordial relationships with her former boss Rex Tillerson, who is the Secretary of State.
Nevertheless, once she joined as the State Department spokeswoman, she was undoubtedly camera ready. Having former TV experience along with working under Mike Pompeo she managed to get featured more than enough.
Presently, she came into Trump’s notice as she is his avid supporter. Defending Trump’s government on numerous occasions, it was inevitable that Trump would take a liking to this 48-year-old State Department Spokesperson.
Now, prior to this, she had almost no experience with Foreign policy or government workings. Regardless, after joining Trump’s office her dedication was unbound. She travelled back and forth within 2 weeks from New York to Washington DC to attend and hold the daily briefings.
With such dedication, Trump naturally decided to pick this ambition and committed women to be the next Ambassador of the United States. Trump hints at the next US ambassador and its Former Fox News host Heather Nauert. Showing unbound dedication to Trump’s government reports state this year the US ambassador will be former Fox news Anchor Heather Nauert. She will be replacing Nikki Haley at the end of her term this year.

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