Congress Shouldn’t Support the Crazy World Cup of Qatar

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Congress Shouldn’t Support the Crazy World Cup of Qatar

Rob Sobhani in a ridiculous article for news daily presented a love letter to Qatar. The author’s declaration of love might be genuine as neither Sobhani nor his government is listed with the US government. It might seem odd, going by the fact that Qatar is the chief fundraiser for Salafi-Jihadist terrorists and growingly a close ally of Iran. However, the way these activities comply with US security interests is murky. However, Sobhani is known for writing love letters to autocrats. After all, he has also written supporting Azerbaijan’s autocratic leadership.

However, the most grotesque element within the article written by Sobhani is his belief that the US Congress should think of passing a resolution that would provide full support to Qatar for hosting the 2022 Fifa World Cup. He feels that this unity is important as it would be sending a message to His Highness Sheikh Tamim’s regional rival that Washington won’t be tolerating any attempts to sabotage Qatar. However, this request is completely crazy.

Experts feel that first and foremost Qatar isn’t of any good at soccer. Secondly, the bid made by Qatar for the World Cup has been labelled by a smell of corruption from the soccer governing body, FIFA. However, in order to understand truly how foolish the 2022 Qatar World Cup is, one would need to go through the statement made by the English soccer coach Ian Holloway. Well like Holloway, many felt that the Qatar World Cup is a joke and also a moral dishonour.

Qatar has been building the stadiums for the World Cup with existing labours. The workers were being forced to work in bad conditions. For instance, they are not provided proper safety measures at the work sites or they are not offered wages of time. the worst being the workers are forced to live in cramped houses that can’t accommodate so many people. However, off late the condition of the workers improved due to the attention of the media. Hence, Congress should take steps to pass a resolution that would chastise Qatar for its action.

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