Reputation of Qatar Has Been Permanently Damaged; Qatar Has Nothing to Gain by Hosting the World Cup

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Reputation of Qatar Has Been Permanently Damaged; Qatar Has Nothing to Gain by Hosting the World Cup

It is a very well known fact that Qatar won the bid for hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022 through unfair means. It has been alleged that a senior FIFA official took around $1 million as a bribe in order to give his vote to Qatar so that it can become the hosts of the 2022 World Cup. This revelation was made during a court statement given by a witness which is a part of the bigger probe into the corruption charges at FIFA.

Even it was reported that a secret campaign was carried out by the bidding team of Qatar 2022 World Cup in order to hamper the host bids endeavours who were contending with Qatar. World Cup host rivals like Australia, Netherlands-Belgium, the US, Spain-Portugal, England, Japan, and South Korea were removed from the scene with the help of CIA agents and PR firms. These actions have already put the reputation of Qatar at stake. Added to that the worst condition of the migrant workers who are working at the World Cup stadium construction sites have raised questions about the credibility of Qatar hosting the 2022 World Cup.

Report of workers’ not being paid their due wages by the Qatari government; added to that the workers are being deprived of basic human rights. Moreover, lack of precautionary measures at work sites, have placed life at risk. It has resulted in the death of many foreign workers. The workers are being forced to work for long hours. Hence, after winning the bid of the World Cup, the issue of human rights violations has become more evident. New labour laws were framed that tries to display that they are working on the rights of the workers. However, the country hasn’t implemented the laws completely and it might take a lot of time to enforce it.

One thing can be said that Qatar doesn’t have any experience or infrastructure to host the World Cup.vSince the 1936 Berlin Olympics in Nazi Germany, another controversial sports event is the 2022 World Cup. Even if Qatar becomes successful in hosting the World Cup, it would try to point out their outwardly changed labour laws. However, it is being feared little steps would be taken to bring changes to the labor laws reform.

The tiny nation of Qatar has come under the spotlight of negative media. However, Qatar is planning to use the World Cup to bolster its soft power and start a strategy depending on attraction instead of pressure. Qatar’s financial muscle is its only strength and it wants to place itself on the map and prove its worthiness as a micro-state who can spend a lot of money to host a grand event.

Only time can tell if Qatar was worthy enough to host the FIFA World Cup 2022.

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