Jamal Khashoggi Being a Qatari Asset Gets Disclosed

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Jamal Khashoggi Being a Qatari Asset Gets Disclosed

Several questions were following the death of Jamal Khashoggi. Khashoggi, a reputed journalist and a critic of the Saudi government was killed or rather murdered at the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul and it caused a lot of outrage related to the case.

The latest development showed Khashoggi was a great Qatari asset. He was being paid and handled by Maggie Mitchell Salem, who is an executive at the Qatar Foundation International.

After the disappearance of Khashoggi, he was described as a fearless supporter of democracy, who at his own risk, was uncovering the terrible abuses of human rights by the government of his native nation.

This story was being played by Saudi rivals Turkey and Qatar; the Obama-era “echo chamber” was being jazzed-up by them to underscore the cohesion of the Saudi government itself.

The Security Studies Group (SSG) stated that once the mission is complete, the success of the information operation would portray Khashoggi as a heroic sufferer to separate journalism and freedom; whereas Saudi Arabia would be the exemplar of evil. It also pointed out that American elites and policymakers have been a soft spot for Qatari influence and information operations.

This fact is more obvious than in the narrative placed forward by the mainstream media shortly after Khashoggi’s death. Details of Khashoggi having links with the Muslim Brotherhood and Osama bin Laden started to crop up.

Now, as details are coming out that depicts Khashoggi being a Qatari agent of influence. For damage control, the news daily came up with a post that divulged the conservation between Khashoggi and the executive of Qatar Foundation International. The columns were designed by the executive and sometimes topics that would take a harder stance on the Saudi government were suggested. The news daily also spoke about Khashoggi’s Brotherhood friends in the U.S., which includes CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic-Relations) and his ties with senior officials in the Turkish government.

One thing which shouldn’t be overlooked is that Turkey neatly made use of the events of the story to place itself as a natural heir to the world of Sunni Islam, which is ready to acquire from Saudi Arabia.

The Turkey-Qatar-Iranian machine was well-oiled for this operation. Counting on the munificence of the anti-Trump American media which didn’t disappoint, it was executed in a perfect manner.

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