America and Canada Agree To Help Detained Canadians at China

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America and Canada Agree To Help Detained Canadians at China

Canada President Justin Trudeau and American President Donald Trump have jointly agreed to help the two detained Canadians in China. The two Canadians were arrested after a senior executive of Huawei Technologies was arrested in the month of December last year. Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor are the two detained Canadians and Canada wants the immediate release of them. The arrest was made in consultation with the United States.
At the moment Washington and Beijing are already in a trade war and this matter is only adding and increasing the global tension among the nations. On Monday the Canadian President had talks with American President Donald Trump and later thanked him for his words of support that the United States would extend to Canada.
In a statement released it was mentioned that the two leaders have jointly agreed to work on the matter as long as the detained Canadians have been released. Canada had earlier said that there is no direct link between the arrest of the senior executive of Huawei Technologies and the detention of their two citizens. However, the experts and other diplomats said that they are completely sure that Beijing is using this detention as a tool to put pressure on Ottawa.
China has insisted that the accusation against the senior executive be taken back, however; Canada has countered and said they cannot interfere with the judicial process. Earlier a team of legislators from Canada who were on a visit to China pressured China to release the detained citizens as soon as possible but they did not succeed in resolving the matter.
With the assurance of Donald Trump who has affirmed to look into the matter, it is likely that the detained Canadians Kovrig and Spavor can soon get back to their own country. Such an issue can make Canada lose trust in most developing nations.

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