Trump Sits for Talks with Foreign Leaders on Syria Afghanistan Plans

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Trump Sits for Talks with Foreign Leaders on Syria Afghanistan Plans

On Monday, US President Donald Trump along with French counterpart i.e. French President Emmanuel Macron reviewed the US strategy that needs to be taken in Syria. President Trump even deliberated on the pressing economic issues with the leaders of India and Canada.
A spokesperson from White House, Sarah Sanders, in a statement briefed that Macron and Trump debated on the plans for the complete destruction of the ISIS as well as plans for a strong, calculated, and integrated pull-out of US troops from Syria; as the Trump administration tones down the timetable of pulling out the American forces from the war-ravaged nation. Both Trump and Macron echoed their view that the use of chemical weapons can’t be allowed in Syria.
Earlier on Monday, Trump refuted the allegation that he has changed the timeline on US troops pull-out from Syria. Trump caught his allies and senators unprepared when he announced the plans of troop removal. Officials from Trump administration reported that their forces would start to leave Syria in 30 days.
John Bolton, national security adviser on Sunday announced U.S. forces won’t be leaving Syria till the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is fully crushed and the Trump administration receives a guarantee that U.S.-backed Kurdish fighters will be safeguarded. The conditions presented the clearest clue yet that a withdrawal is not forthcoming.
President Trump had a telephonic discussion with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The two leaders conferred plans to bolster economic ties and increase assistance in Afghanistan. Last week Trump scoffed Modi for his administration’s development of a library in Afghanistan, as a part of India’s endeavour to invest in Afghanistan’s economy and military.
Trump even made a call to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. With the Canadian Prime Minister, Trump talked about the illicit detention of the two Canadian citizens in China, apart from the bilateral trade issues. Trump and Trudeau also debated on the steel and aluminium tariffs that were enforced by Trump against Canada. The move incited retaliatory measures from Canada.

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