Britain’s Finance Minister Phillip Hammond Expresses Opinion on No Deal Brexit

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Britain’s Finance Minister Phillip Hammond Expresses Opinion on No Deal Brexit

The Finance Minister of Britain, Phillip Hammond said that a no deal Brexit will be against the will of the British citizens however he did not say about the government’s reaction, in case the parliament refrained from backing the Brexit decisions.
Britain is supposed to move out of the European Union in the month of March this year and debate have already started over the deal made by Prime Minister Theresa May.
Phillip Hammond in a statement said that he wanted to firmly abide by his duty of taking care and looking after the welfare of the British Citizens and assured that the decision would be in their favour.
The British lawmakers suggested and also urged the government to come out with an alternative plan if the Prime Minister loses the vote of leaving the European Union.
When Hammond asked about the government’s plans of dealing the situation of a no deal Brexit he told that they were determined to make a deal and this deal is more necessary because it would allow Britain to attain a smooth and systematic exit. Therefore the government is sure to make a deal.
The Finance Minister Philip Hammond also said that a no deal exit would harm the people of Britain and it is, therefore, necessary to keep the deal alive to avoid any future difficulties in the nation.
The dismiss date of Britain’s European Union exit is approaching closer and it is dragging in more confusions with it. While more than half the majority is supporting for a no deal exit the rest are in a constant effort to keep the deal made by the Prime Minister intact. At the moment the parliament is going through several debates.

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