South Says North Korea to take bold steps for Denuclearization

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South Says North Korea to take bold steps for Denuclearization

Moon Jae-in, the South Korean President says that North Korea must take bolder steps towards denuclearization. He also says that North Korea has to compromise during the second summit with America.
The summit with America could be in favour of North Korea if they wanted to resolve the situation.
North Korea has already been in a harsh situation which has come in with the nuclear negotiations with the United States. Moon says that if North Korea can extract a negotiation with the United States for the prolonged situation then the issue might see a new turn. Ever since the nuclear negotiations have begun Pyongyang and Washington had been struggling to find a solution to this problem.
Earlier the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had pledged in his landmark summit along with America’s President Donald Trump to look into the matter of denuclearization. Pyongyang demanded America to declare an official ending to the 1950-53 Korean War. Washington had imposed sanctions on Korea’s missile and nuclear tests.
The South Korean leader also said that the North must take firm actions in abandoning intercontinental and the intermediate range missiles to get the US concessions secured such as reliving the sanctions.
The second summit between North Korea and America is scheduled soon and Moon also said he hoped that in the second summit there would be another set of high-level talks regarding the nuclear negotiations and hopes that the issue gets a concrete and permanent end.

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