Qatar and Iran’s Genuine Interest in Syria

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Qatar and Irans Genuine Interest in Syria

Qatar, on its part does everything correctly. It tries to put everything on record and loves to call the matter by their names. Qatar formally announced, through its ambassador to Moscow, its true opinion towards the Iranian occupation of Syria. The Ambassador announced that Iran has a genuine interest in Syria as it wants to defend its own interests. It wants to approve Tehran’s pursuit to preserve those interests; and that the Syrian regime, which tyrannizes its adversary, is accountable for allowing international as well as regional foreign involvement. He states that the blame shouldn’t be put on others.

This is only a new chapter of the Qatari conflict that the region and the world have gone through over the last two decades.
On one hand, Doha backs extremist groups contesting Bashar al-Assad’s regime and its Iranian ally on Syrian territory; whereas on the other hand, Doha stands by Iran in its invasion of Syrian territory and validates its presence; thereby, supporting two clashing parties at the same time.
It forms the peak of political tragedy in which Qatar shines, in search of a role that it thinks will give it a tactful advantage in the region, it doesn’t matter whether the result is reinforcing conflicts and extending wars, even if is the worst action from a regime. Hence, it can be concluded that Qatar is carrying out its hostile practices and behaviour, with which no one there to challenge.
Qatar’s concept of sovereignty is completely different from international notions. Iran has the right to settle in Syria, add to the killing of 700,000 Syrian citizens, and release its revolutionaries. Based on that notion, the Turkish army holds the right to stay on Qatari soil for till it wants and to hike the number of its militia without even taking the approval of the Qatari regime.
Even though the appropriate interest of Iran in Syria hasn’t been explained; however, the definition of sovereignty might be somewhat different. Well, Arab nations headed by Saudi Arabia are looking to bring Syria back to the Arab circle, in order to end the civil war as well as the Iranian seize of the territory, even after there is a huge animosity within the regime, with the hope of augmenting Arab’s rile and maintain the independence of Syria, territorial integrity, and sovereignty.

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