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The 3 Most Intrinsic Takeaways from Trump’s State of Union Address



The 3 Most Intrinsic Takeaways from Trump’s State of Union Address

Last Tuesday night US President Donald Trump addressed a divided Washington to deliver his first ever State of the Union address. The key 3 takeaway of the address is as follows –

  1.    A divergent Call on Unity

The State of Union address made one thing clear, Trump wanted people to remember his speech as a call for bipartisanship. He had roared out his claims stating that his government must reject politics of revenge, retribution, and resistance. Instead, the key to success is embracing the cooperation to ensure common goals are met. In this aspect, Trump’s actions are very contradictory, as for the past few years Trump did nothing more than what he pleased.

His diverse political strategies in the past completely based on what he felt were right, and disagreeing with him would result in Trump humiliating and foul mouthing his opponents.

Now, his statements are contradictory as Trump has played the co-operation card before, only to bend back into his old ways sooner.

  1.    His Decisions to Withdraw Troops from Syria

When Trump abruptly decided to pull out the US troops from Syria and Afghanistan, numerous members of the US militia and Trump’s own Republican Party criticized him immensely. Fearing the takeout of the troops would pave way for the resurgence of the ISIS militia, these members voted to rebuke Trump.

Addressing these lots, Trump trying to be goading and claimed that great Nations aren’t supposed to fight the battles of everyone and play the martyr. It’s time the American Militia rests a bit and are given the chance to come back home.

  1.    The Bipartisan Celebration of the Women’s White-out

White House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi along with several other members of the Congress opted to garb themselves in white to showcase female unity when it came of gender diversity.

However, it seemed Trump came out with a practised speech claiming that he was impressed with the number of females in the Congress. He even went to salute the women, leading to impressing the Democrats.


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