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A You Gov survey reveals which is the most unsympathetic country in Europe




Which country is the most disagreeable to you in Europe, the one you would not want to give any financial help during an economic crisis? It is one of the questions that a survey carried out by YouGov on behalf of the European University Institute of Fiesole asked 21 thousand citizens of 14 European countries, including the United Kingdom.For Italy, the answer is almost obvious: Germany. There is a gap of 13 percentage points between those who would help the Germans and those who would never do so in favor of the United Kingdom, where the margin, however, is reduced to 2 points.

The surprise, perhaps, comes with inverted parts. Among the 14 countries surveyed, the only ones who would not reach out to the Italians are the Finns (9 points). The Finns, however, are also the least generous of the continent and would hardly help anyone: Spain, Slovenia, Greece, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta, Romania, Luxembourg, Hungary, and the United Kingdom, to stop at European borders. Even the Dutch, despite the exhausting negotiation on the Recovery Fund, would have no doubts about Italy, and this is not a given generosity. Greeks, Slovaks, Bulgarians, Cypriots, Romanians, Hungarians, and Britons certainly could not count on their help.

In addition to the Finns, the least generous are Hungarian citizens. They would not give aid to Portugal, Estonia, Ireland, France, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Cyprus, Luxembourg, and Great Britain, the French (Estonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Romania, Hungary and Great Britain) and the Greeks (Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Hungary, Great Britain, and Germany).Here, if there is a certainty in Europe, it is that the Greeks would not give the Germans a euro: the margin, in this case, is 36 points, the highest on the continent.

An antipathy that does not only go back to the dramatic Greek crisis: as Federico Fubini said in 2017, the Federal Intelligence Service of Germany had spied hundreds of targets in Greece since the early 2000s. “The eavesdropping on the debt agency would have started in 2001, when Greece enters the euro based on public accounts which would later prove to be false,” writes Fubini. “Those on the Athens Parliament date back to 2002” Five years ago, however, Athens asked Berlin for € 279 billion in compensation for the Nazi occupation during the Second World War. And this only to stay in the last few years.

The most generous are Romanians, Poles and Danes – they would help all European countries – followed by Spain, Germany, and Lithuania who would provide money to everyone except the United Kingdom. It will be Brexit, it will be a rare momentum of unity and continental pride, but the most unpleasant seems to be the subjects of his majesty. In addition to the “great benefactors” of Poland, Denmark, and Romania, they could only count on the solidarity of the Swedes.


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