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Ahmet Davutoglu Moves Off For Greener Pastures From Erdogan’s Party



Ahmet Davutogl

Former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu is going to create his own political movement as he steps out of the shadows of the current Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling party. Davutoglu served as foreign minister between 2009 and 2024 and later as prime minister until 2016.

He has not shared a warm relationship with the Erdogan which could probably be one reason why he was sacked and replaced by Binali Yildirim. He has also been seen expressing his opinion about how Erdogan’s policies are airtight, with nothing open to freedom of expression.  

It is worth noting that Davutoglu comes to be the second key politician in the AKP party that has resigned from the party after Ali Babacan — a former deputy prime minister and economy minister, who in July also announced plans for a new party.

News have been doing rounds that the main reason for Davutoglu exit has been the deteriorating relations between him and Erdoğan. They have been seen disagreeing over parliamentary candidate lists, government policy and the implementation of an executive presidential system of government.

Davutoglu’s expulsion was unanimously decided by the ruling party to a disciplinary board for dismissal. Davutoglu has also accused the AK Party of deviating from its core principles, hitting out at the government’s economic record and Erdogan himself.


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