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All Presidential Contenders Give The Medicare Promise To America



US presidential elections: Sanders clears the way to Biden

As the US election scene is heating up towards its culmination date, Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden has said that his fast-rising rival Pete Buttigieg actually “stole” his healthcare policy proposals. The former vice president and South Bent mayor are in a bitter battle for support in the early nominating state of Iowa.

Biden is one of the few presidential contenders who has put forward the proposal to expand the Affordable Care Act for the American public. Popularly known as Obamacare, the healthcare law was the signature domestic policy achievement of former Democratic President Barack Obama, whom Biden served as No. 2. After Trump’s taking over, the policy was shelved.

Buttigieg apparently has the same thought to promote and is said to have used a similar tone to attract attention. However, his official spokesperson has said that the phrase used by him “Medicare for all who want it” was pre-dated to Biden’s current presidential campaign and therefore authentic and not stolen.

Biden was in Iowa for eight straight days of campaigning to thwart a slide in public opinion polls that have benefited Buttigieg, who leaped into first place in some recent surveys there. The Iowa caucus on Feb. 3 will be Democrats’ first nominating contest. Recent polls have shown that U.S. Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are also dominating a strong position in Iowa. Strangely, medicare is the buzzword that is working for them as well as both are pushing for a government-backed ‘Medicare for All’ system. The proposed system would provide federal health insurance coverage for all Americans based on the government-run Medicare program for Americans 65 and older.

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