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Amazon needs better governance: Emmanuel Macron



Emmanuel Macron

France President Emmanuel Macron criticized Brazil’s management of the Amazon and said the Amazon needs better management to end the “ecocide” that is going on in the rainforest.

Emmanuel Macron delivered a speech on environment and social equality to business leaders during the G7 summit in Paris.

“The Amazon is burning and this is an issue that concerns the entire world because it is a source of biodiversity. We have real ecocide that is developing everywhere in the Amazon and not only in Brazil,” Macron said.

He said Amazon needs good governance which involves NGOs and local population and also need to stop the industrial deforestation.

Macron took to his Twitter account to share his concerns over Amazon fires and said that fires are “an international crisis”.

“People forget, the Brazilian president forgets, but France is in the Amazon. France’s biggest exterior border is between Guiana and Brazil, so we are there,” he added.


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